The governance council of the Tri-Valley SELPA is made up of an elected trustee from each of the member districts’ boards of directors, and the superintendent or superintendent’s designee from the five largest districts (Mountain House is not large enough to have a superintendent).  Each member district has one vote.  The SELPA’s governance structure is described in Section 2 of the Local Plan.

The Tri-Valley SELPA governance council holds a quarterly public board meeting.  Agendas and minutes of the board meetings are available by following the links below.

Meeting Dates 2020-21


Alameda County Office of Education

  • Yvonne Cerrato, Trustee
  • Monica Vaughn, Executive Director, Chief of Schools

Dublin Unified School District

  • Kristin Pelham, Trustee 
  • Dr. Matthew Campbell, Assistant Superintendent

Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District

  • Kristie Wang, Trustee
  • Melissa Theide,  Assistant Superintendent

Mountain House Elementary School District

  • Dan Nelson, Trustee

Pleasanton Unified School District

  • Kelly Mokashi, Trustee
  • Edward Diolazo, Assistant Superintendent

Sunol Glen Unified School District

  • Denise Romo, Trustee
  • Molleen Barnes, Superintendent

Non -Voting Members of Council

  • Nanette Gray, Senior Director, Tri-Valley SELPA
  • Correna Kelley, Assistant Director, Tri-Valley SELPA
  • Jennifer Chiarelli, Director of Special Education, Dublin Unified School District
  • Frank Selvaggio, Director of Special Education, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District
  • Kenneth J. Goeken, Director of Special Education, Pleasanton Unified School District
  • David Bona, Parent, Community Advisory Committee, Co-chair

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

3/8/2021 3.8.2021 Agenda Governance Board

                  Meeting Minutes will be posted in June

1/11/2021 1.11.21 Agenda Governance Board

                Meeting Minutes Final 1.11.2021

9/21/20 9.21.20 Agenda Governance Board

              Meeting Minutes FINAL 9.21.2020

06/15/20 Notice of Public Hearing- June 15, 2020

                 6.15.20 Agenda Governance Board

                 Meeting Minutes Final 06.15.2020

03/09/20 3.09.20 Agenda Governance Board

                Meeting Minutes Final 03.09.2020

1/13/20 Tri-Valley SELPA Governance Board Agenda 1.13.20

              Meeting Minutes Final 01.13.2020

9/23/19  Tri Valley SELPA Governance Council Agenda 09.23.19

               Meeting Minutes Final 9.23.19

6/17/19 – Tri-Valley SELPA Governance Council – Agenda 6.17.19         

                Meeting Minutes Final 06.17.19

3/18/19 – Tri-Valley SELPA Governance Council – Agenda 3.18.19

                Minutes – March 18, 2019 meeting

1/14/19 –     Tri-Valley SELPA Governance Council Agenda 1.14.19 ;             

                   Tri-Valley SELPA Approved Minutes – 1.14.19                

9/24/18 – Agenda                  Minutes

06/18/18 – Agenda (44 kb), Minutes

03/19/18 – Agenda (200 kb), Minutes (130 kb)

01/22/18 – Agenda (428 kb), Minutes (113 kb)

09/25/17 – Agenda (57 kb) (171 kb) Minutes (233 kb)

01/23/17 – Agenda (40 kb), Minutes (34 kb)