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Resource Fair

Special Olympics

Professional Development

The Tri-Valley SELPA hosts a variety of professional development events open to staff working in our member districts.  These trainings are also available at no cost to staff of private schools located within our district boundaries.  To sign up to attend a Tri-Valley SELPA training please follow the directions on the flyers.  If there are no directions, please contact the special education department in your district, or the SELPA office.

Make a Difference

The Make a Difference Awards are hosted each May by our Tri-Valley SELPA Community Advisory Committee. They are an opportunity for families to honor teachers, related service providers, parents, and administrators who have made a difference in the lives of their children.  Nominations are solicited in February and March of each year, and all nominees are honored unless they received the award the prior year.

Community Events

From time to time the Tri-Valley SELPA is asked to post information regarding community events for students with disabilities and/or their families.  Some of these events are hosted by member districts and some of them are hosted by community groups or agencies.  The SELPA will share flyers for district events, and for events sponsored by non-profit secular organizations.




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